Terms of Use

Please read these Terms of Use (‘Terms’) carefully before using the RHAPSODY Carer´s Guide Website (the ‘Website’)

Your access to and the use of the Website and any services including the videos, content and discussion forum that are provided on or from the Website (herein collectively designated as the ‘Services’) is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms.

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  1. You agree not to distribute any part of the Website or entire web pages themselves, by any means, without authorisation of RHAPSODY Carer´s Guide.
  2. As the owner of a user account on the Website you can add contributions in the RHAPSODY Forum.
    • You understand and agree to the following terms of use of the forum:
      • The RHAPSODY Forum is exclusively accessible to participants of the RHAPSODY pilot study and to members of the RHAPSODY research team. The Forum has been created as a platform for exchanging individual personal opinions and information on resources available. It also provides an opportunity to communicate anonymously with other pilot-study participants who are in a similar position of caring for someone with young onset dementia.
      • Postings on the forum will be reviewed regularly by a member of the RHAPSODY research team and any inappropriate messages will be removed. However, the RHAPSODY research team does not assume responsibility for the content, correctness and style of postings on the forum.
      • None of the information, statements and/or links shared on this forum are intended to replace instructions from clinicians, healthcare professionals or therapists. This forum should not be used in place of a visit, call or a consultation with a clinician, healthcare professional or therapist.
    • You understand the following guidelines regarding content and style of contributions to the forum and you agree to abide by them:
      • Forum users are requested to be friendly, respectful and supportive when communicating with each other on the forum.
      • Postings or comments that are likely to offend other people or cause distress are not allowed.
      • Please do not post medical or therapeutic advice.
      • Please do not share private or confidential information.
      • The forum must not be used to advertise products or services in a commercial sense.
      Any postings violating the above terms will be removed from the forum by the research team.
  3. User accounts and data privacy of pilot study users: As a pilot study participant you understand the following data privacy requirements and agree to abide by them:
    1. The personal identification of volunteers who are taking part in the RHAPSODY pilot study is confidential. Therefore, when registered on the Website and the Forum, participants will be provided with a user account consisting of a pseudonym login and user name and an individual password. The user account data do not relate to the real name of users.
    2. It is important that you keep the password to your user account secure and confidential.
    3. It is important to remember to only use the pseudonym when posting comments or responding to information on the forum. Participants are asked not to use real names or provide information that is likely to disclose their own or anyone else’s personal identity.
    4. A list of participants’ names will be stored in a secured place at each research site and this will be accessible only to the RHAPSODY research team.